Salman Khan’s Kick creates a new record in Pakistan

2 years ago 0
Grossing 20 million on the first day it beats Dhoom 3 and Waar Salman Khan's Kick is not just breaking records at home but in the neighborhood as… Read Article ▶

Karan Johar no longer a Shah Rukh Khan loyalist!

2 years ago 4
The Dharma head can't stop raving about a superstar and its not his close buddy SRK. Guess the latter has changed his loyalties... Karan Johar and… Read Article ▶
Yogen Shah

Aamir Khan replaces Salman Khan in Shah Rukh Khan’s life!

2 years ago 18
Salman has always been said to be SRK's arch rival but that's not the case anymore it seems... A lot has been said and written about Salman Khan and… Read Article ▶
Yogen Shah

Is Katrina Kaif’s affair with Ranbir Kapoor affecting her Bollywood career?

2 years ago 31
Currently, Ms Kaif's relationship with RK is going rock steady. Well, we would like to believe so considering we haven't heard about any lover's tiff… Read Article ▶
Yogen Shah

Is Jacqueline Fernandez the new Katrina Kaif?

2 years ago 49
It looks like the Sri Lankan beauty is walking down the same path as Kat. Well, we aren't talking about professionally but personally. Confused? Read… Read Article ▶
Yogen Shah

Decoding Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor’s love triangle!

2 years ago 0
Ms Bhatt, Varun and Arjun may appear good friends but there is more to the story than what meets the eye Alia Bhatt has shared screen space with… Read Article ▶
Yogen Shah

Is Kapil Sharma controversy’s favourite child?

2 years ago 2
He maybe a funny man onscreen but off the camera Kapil Sharma has courted quite a few controversies. Let's take a look at the not-so-funny side of… Read Article ▶