Anjali Devi

Anjali Devi

Born: August 24,1927 Peddapuram, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India

Spouse: P. Adinarayana Rao

Zodiac: Leo

Biography: Anjali Devi ( real name Anjani Kumari) was a veteran actress from the Telugu & Tamil film industry. She has acted as the lead in more than 350 Telugu films and a few Tamil and Kannada films. She was well known for her role as the mythological Sita in Lava Kusha as well as for the titular roles in movies like Suvarna Sundari and Anarkali. A theatre artiste Anjali Devi got a break in movies as Lohitasya in Raja Harishchandra in 1936. Her first movie as a heroine was Gollabhama (1947) which made her a star. She went on to act in around 500 films in the three languages. Brundavanam (1992), Anna Vadina (1993) and Police Alludu (1994) were the last few films of her career which spanned for around five decades. She acted in various roles, such as a damsel, angel, dancer, demon, goddess, traditional woman and later in mother roles. In 1955 she produced the film Anarkali, and went on to produce movies like Bhakta Tukaram and Chandipriya and tele-serial on Sathyasai Baba under the banner, Anjali Pictures which she had formed with her husband music director P. Adinarayana Rao. She died at the age of 86 in 2014. Her organs were donated to Ramachandra Medical College.

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