Chiranjeevi Sarja

Chiranjeevi Sarja

Born: October 17,1984

Zodiac: Libra

Biography: Chiranjeevi Sarja is a Kannada actor. He made his film debut with Kannada movie Vayuputra (2009) in which he played the lead role. Some of his other movies are Kempegowda, Varadhanayaka, Whistle, Chandralekha and Ajith among others.

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Chiranjeevi Sarja : Filmography

  • Gandedhe Gandedhe
  • Chiru (film) Chiru (film)
  • Ajith (film) Ajith (film)
  • Chiranjeevi Sarja Whistle (kannada )
  • Chiranjeevi Sarja Chiru
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