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James Franco



Date of Birth: April-19-1978


Height: 5-10

Marital Status: Single


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Piracy hits The Interview post digital release The movie generated curiosity after the hacking at Sony Following the release of The Interview on digital platforms, the movie surfaced on a number of piracy websites and was downloaded by about 900,000 torrent users worldwide within 24 hours itself. The Sony Pictures …
Seth Rogen and James Franco’s The Interview gets released on YouTube! The low-brow comedy on a fictional plot to assassinate the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is finally out for the audiences to watch! The Interview may have had its share of bad time but Christmas brought cheer to the people associated to this movie as it saw a limited …
Barack Obama lauds Sony Pictures’ decision to release The Interview! The controversial film will get a limited theatrical release this Christmas President Barack Obama has applauded Sony Pictures' decision to authorise the screening of The Interview -- a film satirising North Korean leader Kim Jong-un -- in independent theatres, the White House …
James Franco and Seth Rogen’s controversial comedy The Interview to get a limited release! Sony Pictures have confirmed a limited theatrical release of the film on Christmas day! Seth Rogen and James Franco's The Interview seemed to be losing the battle with North Korean terrorists earlier when it was announced that the film's release was cancelled following the …
James Franco: Lindsay Lohan lied about alleged former lovers list Lohan created quite an uproar when she revealed her lovers list, but 127 Hours star denied her allegations Actor James Franco, who was mentioned in a list of troubled actress Lindsay Lohan's alleged past lovers, calls the list false. Lohan had recently shared a list of …
Raj Kumar Yadav: The nude scene in Shahid was my idea The actor knew so much about lawyer and human rights activist Shahid Azmi by the end of the film that baring it all seemed like the best thing to do for a crucial scene in which he’s tortured to death Raj Kumar Yadav will be seen playing the role of Shahid Azmi – a lawyer …
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