Jean Renoir

Jean Renoir

Born: September 15,1894 Paris, France

Spouse: Dido Freire,Catherine Hessling

Zodiac: Virgo

Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Biography: Jean Renoir (died February 12, 1979) was a French film director, screenwriter, author, actor and producer. He made over 40 films, as a director and actor from the era of silent films till the end of the 1960s. According to critics, Renoir’s films Grand Illusion (1937) and The Rules of the Game (1939) are among the greatest movies made. As a film director and actor, he made more than forty films from the silent era to the end of the 1960s. He was also the author of his father’s (painter, Pierre-Auguste Renoir) biography — Renoir, My Father (1962). According to the BFI’s Sight & Sound poll of critics, Renoir is considered as the fourth greatest director of all time.

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