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Kristen Stewart


Nicknames: K-Stew, Kris, Stu

Date of Birth: April-9-1990


Height: 5-6

Marital Status: Robert Pattinson


News & Gossip:

Is Kristen Stewart feeling lonely and isolated? After splitting up with her Twilight co-star star, Kristen talks about her loneliness as an actor Actress Kristen Stewart says actors become "isolated" because of their fame. The 24-year-old has become one of the biggest movie stars following her portrayal of Bella Swan in the …
Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult inseparable! The rumours went rife after Stewart was seen getting cosy with Hoult on their film's set Actress Kristen Stewart is reportedly dating Nicholas Hoult, her co-star in upcoming movie Equals. The rumours went rife after Stewart was seen getting cosy with Hoult on the film's set, …
Robert Pattinson staying in ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart’s home? Yes, he is. But only when she’s not in town we hear. Keep reading to know the full story Actor Robert Pattinson is reportedly living in his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart's home so he can spend time with their dogs, Bear and Bernie.  The Cosmopolis star, who split from …
Is Kristen Stewart avoiding Robert Pattinson? Well, reportedly yes! Keep reading to know more Actor Kristen Stewart reportedly decided to stay away from the Cannes International Film Festival till her ex-boyfriend and actor Robert Pattinson was in town.  The actor didn’t land in France until her former flame had …
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart avoid each other at Cannes Film Festival! Twilight actors and ex-lovers will not unite at the Cannes Film Festival this year Actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart won't be spending time together at the ongoing Cannes International Film Festival 2014.According to a source, the 24-year-old Kristen and Pattinson, …
Kristen Stewart colours her hair orange Yes, the Hollywood hottie has coloured her hair orange but it's not permanent. Relieved? Even we are...giggle Twilight star Kristen Stewart has dyed her glossy chocolate locks for a tangerine tone for her new role in the action flick American Ultra. The 23-year-old actress …
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