Liev Schreiber

Actor | Narrator
Liev Schreiber

Born: October 04,1967 San Francisco, California, U.s.

Zodiac: Libra

Height: 6 feet 3 inches

Biography: Isaac Liev Schreiber aka Liev Schreiber is an American actor, producer, director, and screenwriter. He has been a part of several independent films, before transitioning to mainstream Hollywood. Some of his notable performances include those in movies such as The Scream trilogy, Phantoms, The Sum of All Fears, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Salt, Taking Woodstock and Goon. He has performed in various Broadway productions and is a well respected stage actor. He received a Tony Award as the Best Featured Actor for his performance in the play Glengarry Glen Ross. 2005 also saw Schreiber make his writing and directorial debut with Everything is Illuminated. Currently, he plays the lead role in the series Ray Donovan and narrates a show by the name of 24/7.

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