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Miley Cyrus


Nicknames: Smiley Miley, Miles, Bud, Bob Marley

Date of Birth: November-23-1992


Height: 5-5

Marital Status: Liam Hemsworth


News & Gossip:

Miley Cyrus goes clickety click in shower The pop star shared a photograph of her showering with only a love heart covering her modesty Pop star Miley Cyrus never fails to grab headlines by her crazy antics. And this time she has gone online to share a photograph of herself showering with only a love heart covering her …
Miley Cyrus goes topless at party The singer was at designer Alexander Wang's party Pop star Miley Cyrus, known for her racy outfits, appeared topless at designer Alexander Wang's after-party for New York Fashion Week here. The Wrecking Ball singer wore ice cream cone-shaped sequin pasties with tassels to …
Ariana Grande: I am not copying Miley Cyrus Popular singer Ariana Grande has been repeatedly criticized for copying Miley Cyrus Grande is trying to impress the fans by showing more grown up side to her. "There are so many comparisons for girls in this industry and its annoying," Grande told a popular daily. "I am …
Viewers snub Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour TV special Only 2 million people tuned in to watch behind the scenes look into Cyrus's life Singer Miley Cyrus' behind-the-scenes Bangerz Tour TV special failed to excite viewers as the show scored only 2 million views when it was beamed in the US. The two-hour documentary named Miley …
Demi Lovato compares her transition with Miley Cyrus According to Lovato, her transition was easier than Miley's Pop star Demi Lovato says that as compared to Miley Cyrus, her transition from a child star to an adult artist was easier. Both of them were associated with Disney in their younger days, but Cyrus has come to be …
Miley Cyrus to patch up with ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth? The Wrecking Ball singer seems to be really low since her split for Liam Singer Miley Cyrus reportedly wants to reconcile with her ex-fiance and actor Liam Hemsworth. According to sources, the 21-year-old has been feeling lonely since her split from Hemsworth in September 2013, …
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