Yash Johar

Yash Johar

Born: September 06,1929

Children: Karan Johar

Zodiac: Virgo

Biography: Yash johar (6 september 1929 – 26 june 2004) was an indian bollywood film producer. he founded dharma productions in 1976 and made hindi films that were noted for featuring lavish sets and exotic locations, but upheld indian traditions and family values.

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Yash Johar : Filmography

  • Yash Johar Muqaddar Ka Faisla
  • Yash Johar Duplicate (1998 Film)
  • Yash Johar Gumrah (1993 Film)
  • Yash Johar Duniya (1984 Film)
  • Yash Johar Dostana (1980 Film)
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