Ankur Vikal

Ankur Vikal

Born: January 01,1970

Biography: An alumnus of National School of Drama, Ankur Vikal is a film and theatre actor. In theatre he has acted in plays like Manto Ismat Haazir Hain, Safed Jhooth Kaali Shalwar, Katha Kollage II, All Thieves, The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial, and Salome. He started off in films with the movie Mango Souffle. He was part of the critically acclaimed movies like Maqbool, Slumdog Millionaire. He played the lead in the film The Forest. He has also acted in the Telugu flick Kedi and the Tamil film Mariyan. He was part of the 24 series starring Anil Kapoor. He played a terrorist in the series.

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Ankur Vikal : Filmography

  • Mango Soufflé Mango Soufflé 2002
  • Ankur Vikal Mango Soufflca9-3
  • Ankur Vikal The Forest-2009
  • Blemished Light Blemished Light
  • The Forest (2009 Film) The Forest (2009 Film)
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