Born: January 01,1970

Biography: Biddu or biddu appaiah (born 1944) is an indian-born, england-based music producer, composer, song-writer and singer who produced and composed many hit records worldwide during a career spanning five decades. considered one of the pioneers of disco, euro disco, and indi-pop, he has sold millions of records worldwide, and has received grammy and ivor novello awards for his work. he has been ranked at number 34 on nme's "the 50 greatest producers ever" list.

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Biddu : Filmography

  • Qurbani (1980 Film) Qurbani (1980 Film)
  • Biddu Star (1982 Film)
  • Biddu Heart 'n' Soul (tina Charles Album)
  • Biddu Sound Of Sophie
  • Biddu I Love To Love (but My Baby Loves To Dance)
  • Biddu Hotline (nazia And Zohaib Hassan Album)
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