Bryan Singer

Bryan Singer

Born: September 17,1965 New York City

Zodiac: Virgo

Biography: Bryan jay singer (born september 17, 1965) is an american film director, writer and producer. singer won critical acclaim for his work on the usual suspects, and is especially well-known among fans of the science fiction and superhero genres for his work on the x-men films and superman returns.

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Bryan Singer : Filmography

  • 30-second Bunnies Theatre 30-second Bunnies Theatre
  • Bryan Singer -second Bunnies Theatre-30
  • Bryan Singer Uwantme2killhim?
  • Bryan Singer Uwantme2killhim%3f
  • Bryan Singer Trick 'r Treat
  • Bryan Singer The Usual Suspects
  • Bryan Singer Apt Pupil (film)
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