Hemant Birje

Hemant Birje

Born: August 19,1965

Zodiac: Leo

Biography: Hemant Birje is an actor. He made his Bollywood debut with the lead role in Babbar Subhash' s Adventures of Tarzan, also starring Kimi Katkar. He was recently seen in the Salman Khan-starrer Garv: Pride and Honour. Some of his other films include Aaj Ka Samson, Kaun Kare Kurbanie, Ikke Pe Ikka, Angaara, Indraprastham, Sher-E-Hindustan and others.

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Hemant Birje : Filmography

  • Commando (1988 Film) Commando (1988 Film)
  • Divine Lovers (1997 Film) Divine Lovers (1997 Film)
  • Suraj (1997 Film) Suraj (1997 Film)
  • Bhairav (film) Bhairav (film)
  • Hitler (1998 Film) Hitler (1998 Film)
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