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Nicknames: Shawn Carter, Jigga, HOVA, Jazzy, Mr. Carter

Date of Birth: December-4-1969


Height: 6-2

Marital Status: Beyoncé Knowles


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Are Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z not Blue Ivy’s real parents? The couple who might be headed for Splitsville may have yet another issue to deal with on their plate Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z have been sued by a woman who claims to be their daughter Blue Ivy's real mother, it has been revealed. The homeless surrogate, Tina Seals, who has …
Beyonce’s rapper hubby Jay Z to perform at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s wedding ceremony The rapper will be performing on Brangelina's kids' special demand Hollywood star Brad Pitt has reportedly asked singer Beyonce Knowles and her rapper-husband Jay Z to perform at his wedding to Angelina Jolie. The couple, who recently wrapped their US On The Run tour, are …
Beyonce Knowles to split from Jay Z The singer will soon be splitting from her rapper husband but won't be divorcing him Singer Beyonce Knowles and rapper-husband Jay Z are reportedly planning to part ways following the end of their joint On The Run world tour this September. The couple are said to be working …
Are Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z seeking marriage counselling? Single Ladies singer Beyonce Knowles has reportedly been taking online marriage counselling sessions with her hubby Jay Z The couple, currently on their joint On The Run world tour, is said to be taking counselling sessions on the internet via video-chat programme Skype, to …
Beyonce and Jay-Z consider online marriage counseling? The couple attended therapy online post their cheating rumors Beyonce and Jay-Z are allegedly having online marriage counseling, while being on their 'On the Run' tour together, after cheating rumors. The duo was having online and Skype sessions with a therapist, in order to …
Is Beyonce cheating on Jay-Z with bodyguard? if the grapevine is to be believed, singer Beyonce Knowles is cheating on her husband and singer Jay-Z and she is reportedly having an affair with her bodyguard! Jay-Z, who got married to Beyonce Knowles in 2008, is said to be suspicious about her close relationship with …
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