Jithan Ramesh

Jithan Ramesh

Born: October 23,1982 Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Spouse: Shilpa Choudary

Parents: R. B. Choudary

Zodiac: Libra

Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Biography: Jithan Ramesh is a Tamil and Telegu movie actor. His first movie was Telugu Film titled Vidhyarthi. However, it is his role in the Tamil movie Jithan which made him a star. The movie was blockbuster. His other releases are Madhu, Jerry, Nee Venunda Chellam and Madurai Veeran.

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Jithan Ramesh : Filmography

  • Jithan Ramesh Madurai Veeran
  • Jithan Ramesh Jerry
  • Githan Githan
  • Jithan Jithan
  • Madurai Veeran (film) Madurai Veeran (film)
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