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Justin Bieber


Nicknames: J-Beebs, JB, Biebs, Bieber, Beebs

Date of Birth: March-1-1994


Height: 5-7

Marital Status: Selena Gomez


News & Gossip:

Justin Bieber to change house again! The singer will move into his new apartment in September Pop star Justin Bieber has reportedly decided to move out of his apartment in Beverly Hills due to a string of complaints from neighbours against his wild parties. Bieber is hoping to move by the end of September and …
Justin Bieber shares new song snippets on Instagram The news song focuses heavily on relationships and girls Pop star Justin Bieber recently shared a series of new song snippets, focusing heavily on relationships and girls, on photosharing website Instagram. Bieber released 15-second clips of 11 new songs that he's been …
Justin Bieber breaches age-limit law? The popular singer was caught drinking at a nightclub Pop star Justin Bieber has been photographed reportedly drinking beer at a nightclub, breaching strict age-limit laws. The Baby hitmaker, 20, headed to the popular Bootsy Bellows nightclub in West Hollywood, California …
Justin Bieber visits restaurant in his custom cheetah print Audi R8! The troubled singer was seen cruising into a restaurant in his cheetah print Audi R8 which reportedly upset a lot of people.He may not have the permission to get angry, but that doesn't stop him from doing strange things. A popular portal reports that he recently upset …
Justin Bieber pays a heavy compensation for misbehaviour The popstar was made to pay a heavy fine for launching an egg assault on his neighbour's mansion Pop star Justin Bieber has been asked to pay $80,900 for damage caused to his former neighbour's mansion by an egg assault he launched earlier this year. He has also been put on …
Has Justin Bieber finally moved on from Selena Gomez? The Baby singer was seen posting snaps of himself cuddling a brunette model He uploaded a picture on the photo-sharing website, which shows him sitting in between Yovanna Ventura's legs on a couch while she wraps her arms around him and places her hands under his …
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