Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio

Born: November 11,1974 Los Angeles, California, United States

Parents: George Dicaprio

Zodiac: Scorpio

Biography: Leonardo wilhelm dicaprio is an american actor and film producer. he has been nominated for the golden globe award nine times as an actor, and won the golden globe award for best actor for his performance in the aviator (2004). he has also been nominated by the screen actors guild, satellite awards, and the british academy of film and television arts.

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Leonardo Dicaprio : Filmography

  • The Wolf Of Wall Street (film) The Wolf Of Wall Street (film)
  • This Boy’s Life (film) This Boy's Life (film)
  • The Quick And The Dead (1995 Film) The Quick And The Dead (1995 Film)
  • Marvin’s Room (film) Marvin's Room (film)
  • Critters 3 Critters 3
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  • Leonardo Dicaprio Django Unchained (soundtrack)
  • Leonardo Dicaprio The Ides Of March (film)
  • Leonardo Dicaprio Runner
  • Leonardo Dicaprio Runner (film)
  • Leonardo Dicaprio The Wolf Of Wall Street (film)
  • Leonardo Dicaprio Red Riding Hood (2011 Film)
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  • Leonardo Dicaprio The 11th Hour (film)
  • Leonardo Dicaprio Hubble (film)