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Lil Wayne


Nicknames: Lil’ Weezy, Baby Jr., Weezy F. Baby, BM Jr., Birdman Jr., Tunechi

Date of Birth: September-27-1982


Height: 5-6

Marital Status:


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Lil Wayne faces lawsuit for failed website payments  The popular rapper has been hit with a lawwsuit accusing him of failed payments for his record label's website The Lollipop hitmaker founded the Young Money Entertainment record label in 2005 and the website already existed to promote a young entrepreneurial …
Himesh Reshammiya: Salman Khan is my driving force Composer-singer-actor Himesh Reshammiya credits Dabangg actor Salman Khan, a godfather to many newcomers, for his success in the Hindi film industry "For me it's always been God, dad and Salman Khan. He (Salman) has been a driving force for me. I just want to thank him for his …
Himesh Reshammiya has ‘Da Edge’ with rapper Lil Wayne Composer Himesh Reshammiya became famous as a singer for his nasal voice. He is not successful as an actor but is popular in the Indian music scene. Now, Himesh is all set to go beyond the boundaries with his singing talent and ready to win hearts of people abroad. He recorded a …
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