Manoj Tiwari

Manoj Tiwari

Born: February 01,1973 Atarwalia, Bihar, India

Spouse: Rani Tiwari

Children: One Daughter

Zodiac: Aquarius

Biography: While he is a star in Bhojpuri films, Manoj Tiwari is also quite well-known in Bollywood. He is an actor, singer, TV presenter and music director. Hailing from Bihar, he is a leading hero of Bhojpuri movies. He also dabbled in politics and won the Lok Sabha elections as a BJP candidate. Tiwari started off as a singer and his acting debut was the super hit film Sasura bada paise wala. His other hits include Daroga babu I love you and Bandhan toote na. He participated in Big Boss Season 4. He has also released a music album Hey Mahadev. Apart from giving music to a number of films, he has also sang a song in Gangs a Wasseypur. He is also an active cricket supporter. Tiwari is divorced and has one daughter.

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