Navodaya Appachan

Navodaya Appachan

Born: January 01,1970

Biography: Maliampurackal chacko punnoose, known as navodaya appachan (c. 1925 – 23 april 2012) was an indian film producer, director, and entrepreneur. he is best known for his work in malayalam cinema, especially as the founder of navodaya studio. appachan was born at maliampurackal family pulinkunnoo and was an alumnus of st. xavier's college, palayamkottai. he was married and had two sons and two daughters. he died on 23 april 2012 at kochi, aged 87.

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Navodaya Appachan : Filmography

  • Navodaya Appachan Godfather (1991 Film)
  • Navodaya Appachan Aniathipravu
  • Navodaya Appachan Poove Poochooda Vaa
  • Navodaya Appachan Poovinu Puthiya Poonthennal
  • Navodaya Appachan My Dear Kuttichathan 1970
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