Nirupa Roy

Nirupa Roy

Born: January 04,1931 Valsad, Gujarat, British India

Spouse: Kamal Roy

Children: Yogesh,Kiran

Zodiac: Capricorn

Height: 5 feet 3 inches

Biography: Nirupa Roy was an Indian actress who appeared in Hindi films. Roy was mostly known for portraying character roles of the Indian mother. She played leading roles in her early films and started playing mother roles during the 1970s – 80's. Her acting career spanned more than 50 years, and she acted in more than 475 films. She was referred to as the "queen of misery" in Hindi film circles. One of her popular films was Do Bigha Zameen. She has won Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award, Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award, Bengal Film Journalists' Association – Best Supporting Actress Award. Nirupa Roy was born as Kokila Kishorechandra Bulsara in Valsad, Gujarat. She was married to Kamal Roy when she was 15 and moved to Mumbai. They have two sons, Yogesh and Kiran.

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Nirupa Roy : Filmography

  • Kartavya (1979 Film) Kartavya (1979 Film)
  • Santosh (film) Santosh (film)
  • Shehnai (1964 Film) Shehnai (1964 Film)
  • Sansar (1971 Film) Sansar (1971 Film)
  • Dana Paani Dana Paani
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