Pankaj Dheer

Pankaj Dheer

Born: January 01,1970

Biography: Pankaj dheer is an indian television and film actor originally from kanpur. his best known role was as karna in epic tv series, mahabharata (1988–1990), which became a famous indian television series, and as shivdutt in chandrakanta (tv series) (1994–1996). he also played the role of sadashivrao bhau, the commander in chief of the maratha army at the third battle of panipat in the tv series the great maratha produced by sanjay khan.

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Pankaj Dheer : Filmography

  • Nishana (1995 Film) Nishana (1995 Film)
  • Om (film) Om (film)
  • Appaji Appaji
  • Mr. Bond Mr. Bond
  • What is Pankaj Dheer’s new film all about? – Watch the mahurat shot! Nishana-1995
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