Paul Dano

Paul Dano

Born: June 19,1984 Wilton, Connecticut, Usa

Zodiac: Gemini

Biography: Paul franklin dano (born june 19, 1984) is an american actor and producer. he has had lead or ensemble roles in independently produced films such as l.i.e. (2001), little miss sunshine (2006), gigantic (2008), meek's cutoff (2010), being flynn (2012), and ruby sparks (2012); and supporting roles in studio-produced films like the girl next door (2004), there will be blood (2007), cowboys & aliens (2011), and looper (2012).

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Paul Dano : Filmography

  • Love And Mercy (film) Love And Mercy (film)
  • Prisoners (2013 Film) Prisoners (2013 Film)
  • Gigantic (film) Gigantic (film)
  • Where The Wild Things Are (film) Where The Wild Things Are (film)
  • Weapons (film) Weapons (film)
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