Paul Feig

Paul Feig

Born: September 17,1962 Mount Clemens, Michigan, U.s.

Spouse: Laurie Karon

Zodiac: Virgo

Biography: Paul s. feig (born september 17, 1962) is an american director, actor and author. feig is known for playing mr. eugene pool, sabrina's science teacher, on the first season of sabrina, the teenage witch, as well as tim, a camp counselor, in the hit kids movie heavyweights.

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Paul Feig : Filmography

  • Ski Patrol (film) Ski Patrol (film)
  • Paul Feig Sabrina
  • Paul Feig The Teenage Witch (tv Series)
  • Ski Patrol (1990 Film) Ski Patrol (1990 Film)
  • Dirty Dancing (1988 Tv Series) Dirty Dancing (1988 Tv Series)
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  • Paul Feig Peanuts (film)
  • Paul Feig Freaks And Geeks (soundtrack)
  • Paul Feig Spy 2015