Ramesh Bhat

Ramesh Bhat

Born: January 01,1970 Bangalore

Biography: Ramesh Bhat is a known actor of Kannada movies. He made his debut with Shankar Nag's Minchina Ota and went on to act in movies such as Nodi Swamy Navirodu Hige, Ganeshana Maduve, Ganesha Subramanya and many others. He worked as an assistant for the television series Malgudi Days and directed the movie Parameshi Prema Prasanga, which was nominated for the National Awards in 1983.

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Ramesh Bhat : Filmography

  • Geetha (film) Geetha (film)
  • Madana (film) Madana (film)
  • Ramesh Bhat Minchina Ota-1980
  • Ramesh Bhat Geetha
  • Ramesh Bhat Madana
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  • Ramesh Bhat Parameshi Prema Prasanga
  • Ramesh Bhat Nodi Swamy Navirodu Hige