Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

Born: May 13,1986 London, England

Zodiac: Taurus

Biography: Robert douglas thomas pattinson (born 13 may 1986) is an english actor, model, musician and producer. pattinson started his career by playing cedric diggory in harry potter and the goblet of fire. he later landed the leading role of edward cullen in the film adaptations of the twilight novels by stephenie meyer, and came to worldwide fame, thus establishing himself among the highest paid and most bankable actors in hollywood.

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Robert Pattinson : Filmography

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  • Queen Of The Desert (film) Queen Of The Desert (film)
  • Bel Ami (2012 Film) Bel Ami (2012 Film)
  • Water For Elephants (film) Water For Elephants (film)
  • The Rover (2013 Film) The Rover (2013 Film)
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