Shomu Mukherjee

Shomu Mukherjee

Born: June 19,1943

Zodiac: Gemini

Biography: Shomu mukherjee (or shomu mukherji) (1943 – april 10, 2008) was a bengali indian director, writer and producer. born in 1943, he was the fourth son of sashadhar mukherjee, the owner of filmalaya studios, and sati rani devi. his mother was the only sister of the ganguly brothers. he married actress tanuja and his daughters are actresses kajol mukherjee and tanisha mukherjee, part of the mukherjee-samarth family.

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Shomu Mukherjee : Filmography

  • Shomu Mukherjee Lover Boy (1985 Film)
  • Shomu Mukherjee Chhailla Babu
  • Shomu Mukherjee Sangdil Sanam
  • Shomu Mukherjee Pathar Ke Insan