Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller

Born: December 28,1981

Zodiac: Capricorn

Biography: Sienna rose diana miller (born 28 december 1981) is an english actress, model and fashion designer. she is best known for her roles in layer cake, alfie, factory girl, the edge of love and g.i.  joe: the rise of cobra. in 2006, she designed a fashion capsule for pepe jeans. miller has been nominated for a bafta (2008) and golden globe (2012).

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Sienna Miller : Filmography

  • Casanova (2005 Film) Casanova (2005 Film)
  • Black Mass (film) Black Mass (film)
  • The Mysteries Of Pittsburgh (film) The Mysteries Of Pittsburgh (film)
  • The Girl (2012 Hbo Film) The Girl (2012 Hbo Film)
  • A Fox’s Tale A Fox's Tale
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