Born: December 28,1944 Karnataka, India

Spouse: Geeta Srinath

Zodiac: Capricorn

Biography: Srinath (Narayana Swamy) is an actor of Kannada cinema and is also the vice president of the Kannada tv channel Udaya TV. Srinath became a household name after he hosted the popular game show Adarsha Dampatigalu. He made his debut in movies with a small role in the Kannada movie Lagna Pathrike and was later cast in the lead role in the movie Madhura Milana by director SKA Chari and then on came to be known as Srinath. His next film Anireekshita directed by Nagesh Baba established him as an actor and earned him recognition in the industry. Following that he has acted in over 200 films including Besuge, Manasa Sarovara and Shubha Mangala. In 1980, he won the Best Actor Filmfare Award for the film Besuge. Srinath also wonthe State Award as Best Actor for the film Sri Raghavendra Vaibhava.

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