Talia Balsam

Talia Balsam

Born: March 05,1959 New York City, New York, United States

Spouse: George Clooney

Parents: Martin Balsam,Joyce Van Patten

Zodiac: Pisces

Biography: Talia balsam (born march 5, 1959) is an american tv and film actress. she is the daughter of film actor martin balsam and actress joyce van patten. she is also the former spouse of george clooney and the current wife of john slattery.

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Talia Balsam : Filmography

  • Crawlspace (1986 Film) Crawlspace (1986 Film)
  • Ohms (1980 Film) Ohms (1980 Film)
  • In The Mood (film) In The Mood (film)
  • The Supernaturals (horror Film) The Supernaturals (horror Film)
  • Talia Balsam Crawlspace-1986
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