Tony Scott

Tony Scott

Born: June 21,1944 North Shields, Northumberland, England, Uk

Spouse: Glynis Staunton,Gerry Scott,Donna W. Wilson

Zodiac: Gemini

Biography: Anthony david "tony" scott (21 june 1944 – 19 august 2012) was an british film director and producer from england. he was the younger brother of film director ridley scott.

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Tony Scott : Filmography

  • Boy And Bicycle Boy And Bicycle
  • Tony Scott The Andromeda Strain (tv Miniseries)
  • Tony Scott Into The Storm (2009 Film)
  • Tony Scott The Pillars Of The Earth (miniseries)
  • Tony Scott Nomads (tv Pilot)
  • Tony Scott World Without End (miniseries)
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