Uttam Kumar

Uttam Kumar

Born: September 03,1926 Ahiritola, Calcutta, West Bengal

Spouse: Gauri Chatterjee

Children: Gautam Chatterjee

Zodiac: Virgo

Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Biography: Considered one of the finest actors of Indian cinema, Uttam Kumar (born Arun Kumar Chatterjee) is called the Mahanayaka. This multifaceted actor, director, producer, music composer and singer left an indelible mark on Indian (particularly Bengali) cinema. Uttam Kumar made his film debut with Drishtidan (The gift of sight, 1948) directed by Nitin Bose. Then a string of unsuccessful movies followed which almost forced him to quit acting. Then his breakthrough film came through --- Agni Pariksha in 1954 in which he was cast opposite the very talented Suchitra Sen. This pair became of the most legendary pairs of Indian cinema and they did a number of movies together such as Share Chuattor, Agni Pariksha, Shilpi, Saptapadi (Seven Steps),Pathe Holo Deri (Delay on the road), Harano Sur (Lost Music), Chaowa Paowa (Wish and Achievement), Bipasha, Jiban Trishna (Thirst for Life), Sagarika, Trijama, Indrani, Sabar Upare, Surjyo Toron, Rajlakshmi O Sreekanto, Ekti Raat, Grihadaha, Kamallata, Har Mana Har, Alo Amar Alo. Although, Kumar essentially worked in Bengali cinema, some of his Hindi movies include Chhoti Si Mulaqat (along with Vyjayanthimala), Amanush, Anand Ashram, Dooriyaan (with Sharmila Tagore), Bandie with Sulakshana Pandit and Kitaab with Vidya Sinha. His performancein Satyajit Ray's Nayak (The Hero) is one of the most remembered. Uttam Kumar received a number of awards and recognition for his work including the National Award for Best Actor.

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