On his wife Sunita: She has sacrificed a lot

Anil Kapoor’s wife Sunita has always been a private person. While most star wives are seen as arm candy to their husbands, she chose to stay away from the limelight, quietly doing her own thing. “Unfortunately or fortunately you can’t talk to my wife. She took the decision to stay away from the media a long time ago, unlike some who talk the media for years and get all the publicity and then decide to go off the media. By that time they know they will be followed.”

You can always expect Anil to be straightforward. He says it just as he sees it. But we ask him if he ever prodded his wife into being more media friendly. “She feels like it’s her world and she does not want to share it with anyone. Her world is her family and her kids. All she wanted to do was to raise the children and educate them. She wants to go to Dadar to buy flowers or to Crawford market to shop without having to think twice She wanted to go to school or to the court without being noticed. Recently when there was a stupid case filed against us by the BMC, she went for the hearing because I am Anil Kapoor and I can’t go there. Nobody recognised her. She has sacrificed a lot too. She did a lot of things herself.”

Anil admits that he was able to focus on his work only because of Sunita. “Agar use bhi photo khichvane ka shauk hota (if she was someone who was fascinated about being photographed), it would have been difficult. She is a very good housewife, which I think is a much greater profession. She has also been doing her own work related to fashion and jewelry. She was a working girl when I met her. I was kangal (broke) then; she was the one who was earning.”

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