SHAHRUKH KHAN’s speech at Yale: I am an actor – my life is a testament to this duality


So I’ll tell you the story of me, but I’ll tell it in my own way. In the language of my perceptions, in the things I think matter beyond fame and success and the dyeing of my hair. I have understood that the measure of my life lies in the expanse of my heart’s experience and nothing else matters. If you take anything out of it – good; otherwise I can put on the music and dance to my last big hit song, have a drink and try and practice my kissing in the cold of Yale one more time.

However I look at it, in its eventual analysis, my life has centered around my creativity. I have assimilated the world through creative expression and in return, the world has experienced me. I have grown to understand that on one hand the world will always uphold creativity as the most honest feeling possible. On the other hand, the portents of fame (the glitz, the glamour, the wealth) that arise from this very recognition of creativity will always be questioned.

Why do we do that? Because sometimes it allows us to feel better than the Creator and sometimes it fills a void within us that comes about by being in awe of His creation. Either way, it enables us to quantify His engagement with the world around Him. I am an actor. My life is a testament to this duality.

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