SHAHRUKH KHAN’s speech at Yale: I pick everything up from Google, even the script of my next movie


I read this lame joke on Google the other day (yes, I pick everything up from Google, even the script of my next movie, and I’m not ashamed of it – you can pick me up on Google too, if you like!)Anyway, the joke went like this – a dying man, gasping for breath, desperately gestured to the priest by his side for a piece of paper. With great effort, he then wrote a few words on it, handed it to the priest and passed away. The priest kept the paper in his pocket and forgot all about it until the final service. Here he suddenly recalled the dead man’s last scribble. Unfolding the paper, he told the funereal congregation that he was about to read great words of inspiration to them. The piece of paper had these words on it…. “You are standing on my oxygen tube…fool…

So I am not going to be the priest tonight. Instead, I will tell you simple experiences of my life’s journey, with simpler words which may not leave you inspired, but will help you survive this life. And if you can do that – survive – happiness, creativity and success will follow on its own… or maybe not, but you will have to live this life nevertheless. Only I hope my words will give you enough insight so that you can tell the world, “Hey guys, you are standing on my oxygen tube! Move over and let me breathe!”

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