SHAHRUKH KHAN’s speech at Yale: Learning Kamasutra from my son is a not a great idea


So I speak to you as a parent of two very weird kids. Whatever you do, whichever mistake you make, however you react to them, your parents are your best friends.They might be boring, silly or stern at times. Maybe some of you are embarrassed of yours – I know my kids are of me – but if ever any of you are in trouble of any kind, the best friends you can always trust to watch your backs are your parents. They will always come good.

I lost my parents very early in my life and I miss them dearly. So all of you who still have yours, don’t listen to them; fool them if you must – a bit of lying is also welcome – but make sure you cherish what you have, because when you don’t have them – like me – you really miss someone to be rude to, someone to you can take for granted, someone to say and do whatever you wish with. You miss the comfort of being loved unconditionally. I call parents unconditional and forgiving punching bags who feel happiest when they get bashed up by their kids. If you want to survive life, it’s best to begin to respect the gift of love right now.

As children, your first teachers of this acceptance are your parents. If you are unable to accept the love they give you, in whatever form it arrives – even if it is a tight slap across your face – then when you become a parent, you will end up having to learn this lesson somewhat more harshly from teachers you give birth to. And learning Kamasutra from my son is a not a great idea, you would agree! Incidentally, he studies in a school that Isha’s mom runs in India – I have to say, ma’am, your syllabus is quite different from the one I had when I was in school.

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