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Cast: Dilip Kumar, Nadira, Nimmi, Prem Nath, Premnath

Producer: Mehboob Khan

Director: Mehboob Khan

Writer: ,

Release Date: 01 January,1953

Storyline: Aan, also known as the savage princess in the u.s. a, is a 1952 technicolor hindi musical produced and directed by mehboob khan, it is said to be india's first technicolour film. it stars dilip kumar, premnath, nimmi and marked the debut of nadira who replaced the original choice which was actress nargis. it was the highest grosser of 1952 http://www. boxofficeindia. com/topactors. htm and was the first to gross over rs.15 million. this record was beaten 3 years later by shree 420 in 1955.

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