Anbe Sivam

Genres : Film Soundtrack
Anbe Sivam

Cast: Santhana Bharathi, Nassar, Kiran Rathod, R. Madhavan, Kamal Haasan

Producer: V. Swaminathan, G. Venugopal, K. Muralitharan, Vidyasagar (music Director)

Director: Sundar C., Sundar C

Writer: ,

Release Date: 15 January,2003

Storyline: Anbe sivam is a 2003 tamil drama film directed by sundar c and written by kamal hassan. the film stars kamal hassan and r. madhavan. the music is composed by vidyasagar. the film tells the story of a series of comic events that occur when nalla sivam a wise-cracking, handicapped communist and anbarasu, an arrogant young advertisement filmmaker who favors capitalism meet. they get stuck with each other on their problem-filled trip from bhubaneswar to chennai.

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