Delhi In A Day

Delhi In A Day

Cast: Anjali Patil, Arun Mallick Kumar, Dinesh Yadav, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Lee Williams (actor), Lillete Dubey, Victor Banerjee, Vidya Bhushan

Producer: Chintu B Mohapatra, Kumar C Dev, Prashant Nair

Director: Prashant Nair

Storyline: Delhi in a day is a 2011 hindi independent film directed by prashant nair. the film was released on 24 august 2012 in cinemas. as per director prashant nair his film uses flashes of comedy to shine a light on the uncomfortable realities of contemporary life in a country that has been transformed in many ways by two decades of economic growth. the film features victor banerjee, vidya bhushan, lillete dubey, kulbhushan kharbanda, arun mallick kumar, anjali patil, lee williams and dinesh yadav.

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