Sawan Bhadon

Sawan Bhadon

Cast: Jayshree T., Naveen Nischol, Navin Nischol, Rekha

Producer: Mohan Segal

Director: Mohan Segal


Release Date: 08 February,1980

Storyline: Sawan bhadon is a 1970 bollywood film produced and directed by mohan segal. the film was the debut film for its lead pair rekha and navin nischol. the other cast of note in the film are jayshree t. , iftekhar and ranjeet. the music is by sonik omi. this was also ranjeet's debut film. a couple of the songs from the film having catchy tunes became popular. the film is remade in tamil as 'veetukku oru pillai' (a son for every home) starring jaishankar.

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