Cast: Bobby Stewart, Paula Winslowe, Donnie Dunagan, Fred Shields (actor), Hardie Albright, Tim Davis (actor), Ann Gillis, Peter Behn, John Sutherland (producer), Sterling Holloway, Cammie King, Sam Edwards, Will Wright (actor)

Producer: Walt Disney

Director: Graham Heid, Norman Wright, Paul Satterfield, Sequence Director, Supervising Director, Samuel Armstrong, James Algar, Bill Roberts (animator), David Hand (animator)

Release Date: 08 August,1942

Storyline: Bambi is a 1942 american animated drama film directed by david hand (supervising a team of sequence directors), produced by walt disney and based on the book bambi, a life in the woods by austrian author felix salten. the film was released by rko radio pictures on august 13, 1942, and is the fifth film in the walt disney animated classics series.

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