Bhaskar Bharti

Genres : Romantic Comedy Film | Romantic Comedy
Bhaskar Bharti

Cast: Vivek Mushran, Jai Kalra, Eijaz Khan, Rukhsar, Aamir Ali, Snehal Sahai, Rajesh Khera, Simran Sharma, Preeti Amin, Aanchal Sabharwal, Ragini Khanna

Producer: Tony Singh (director), Deeya Singh

Director: Pavan Kaul, Manoj Kotian

Storyline: Bhaskar bharti is a daily show that aired on sony entertainment television (india) from mondays to thursdays. it premiered on may 25, 2009 and stars eijaz khan, ragini khanna, anchal sabharwal, aamir ali, jai kalra and vivek mushran in the lead roles. prior to its launch, it was believed that bhaskar bharti was a tv adaptation of the 2005 hindi film mr ya miss. Read on Wikipedia

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