Just Mohabbat

Just Mohabbat

Cast: Tanvee Sharma, Salim Shah, Jennifer Kotwal, Manoj Pahwa, Jacqueline Julianna, Harsh Lunia, Kavita Kapoor, Vatsal Sheth

Producer: Djs A Creative Unit

Director: Tony Singh (director), Deeya Singh, Tony Singh

Storyline: Just mohabbat was a hindi television drama-series that first aired on sony tv channel in 1996. the series was directed by tony and deeya singh. the story revolved around the life of jai, a kid who stays in a hostel in dehradun away from his parents raj and maya. the series chronicles his growing up years and focuses on his relationships with his family and friends, specially his imaginary friend gautam. vatsal seth portrayed the role of jai in his teen years.

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