Cast: Gautami Tadimalla, Nagesh, Srividya, Gouthami, Nagesh (actor), Karan (actor), Kamal Haasan

Producer: R. Venkatarama Reddy

Director: K. S. Sethumadhavan

Writer: , ,

Release Date: 02 November,1994

Storyline: Nammavar ??????? is a 1994 tamil language film k. s. sethumadhavan and starring kamal haasan and gouthami in lead roles.kamal hassan plays a revolutionary history lecturer of a college. the movie is about how he tries to reform the downtrodden college by his initiatives and its consequences. the background score and music was composed by mahesh.the film is inspired from hollywood films to sir, with love, class of 1984 and dead poet's society. the film was among 1994 deepavali releases.

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