Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

Cast: Arvind Vaidya, Deven Bhojani, Rajesh Kumar (actor), Ratna Pathak, Rita Bhaduri, Rupali Ganguly, Satish Shah, Sumeet Raghavan

Producer: Aatish Kapadia, Jamnadas Majethia

Director: Deven Bhojani


Storyline: Sarabhai vs sarabhai is a 2005 sitcom featuring a quintessentially upper-class family in mumbai. the show received a positive response from the critics and public alike and enjoyed one of the best trps for an indian comedy show. the show seems to be loosely inspired from everybody loves raymond although the story lines were very different and original. in the final episode, the principal characters are seen stating that there would be another season of the series.

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