Satya 2

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Satya 2

Cast: Anaika Soti, Sharwanand, Aradhna Gupta, Puneet Singh Ratn

Producer: M Samanth Kumar Reddy

Director: Ram Gopal Varma


Release Date: 01 November,2013

Storyline: Satya 2 is a 2013 indian bilingual crime film, simultaneously shot in hindi and telugu. the film was directed by ram gopal varma with production design by saini s. johray. the film stars puneet singh ratn (hindi), sharwanand (telugu), anaika soti, aradhna gupta and mahesh thakur in lead roles. the film tells the story of satya, an immigrant who comes to mumbai aiming to refashion the mumbai underworld.satya 2 was released on 28 october 2013 in u. a. e. and 8 november 2013 in india.

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