‘Shakal Pe Mat Ja’ promo rejected by the censor board

Everytime filmmakers try to make something new, they face rejection by the censors. Shakal Pe Mat Ja is the latest in the list, as its promo got rejected by the Censor Board. The director of the movie, Shubh Mukherjee is hopping mad due to this absurd decision by the board as he has suffered huge losses. As per the director, the Censor Board has examined the film minutely as they think the movie does not have a star cast. He even exclaims in dejection that he knows many movies that have explicit content but get the nod because of the star cast. He had booked slots on various music channels but has to now bare the losses due to the biased nature of the board. The promo of the film looks a bit controversial, but is nothing compared to recent films like Delhi Belly and Shaitan.

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