Aamir hasn’t even heard of RA.One’s ‘Chammak challo’ song

While we totally appreciate Aamir Khan going out of his way in plugging Salman Khan’s film Bodyguard, what totally escapes us is that he is giving Shahrukh Khan a royal ignore. Surprisingly both Aamir and Shahrukh have been saying good things about Sallu and his film while he is away in USA, getting his treatment. In one of his recent public appearances, Aamir was asked if he liked the ‘Chammak challo’ song of SRK’s RA.One, he said he didn’t even know what the media guys were talking about. Come on, Aamir, the song has been out for more than a month now, who are we kidding?

RA.ONE full song: Chammak challo