Aamir Khan can’t wait to see Salman Khan settle down

Everyone in Bollywood wants Salman Khan to get married and settle down. Sallu has been moving on from one relationship to another but just doesn’t seem to be in a mood to tie the proverbial knot. He has everything going for him, but his age. It is only natural that his family and friends want him to start a family soon. Being his dear friend, Aamir Khan is no different. The ‘perfectionist’ Khan was addressing the media on his birthday and the topic of Salman’s marriage was brought up by a scribe. In reply, he said, “Ishq par zor nahin, hai yeh woh aatish jo lagaye na lage, bujhaye na bujhe. So we can pray for Salman Khan that he falls in love and then gets married. But nobody can control love. So what to do?” Wethinks that if not for his own self, the Dabangg Khan should get married for the sake of his family and friends who have been asked this question at least a million times, if not more.