Aamir Khan wants Rajinikanth for ‘Dhoom:3′. But why?

Aamir Khan wants Rajinikanth for ‘Dhoom:3′. But why?

Looks like Aamir Khan is not satisfied having Katrina Kaif, Jackie Shroff and Abhishek Bachchan in Dhoom:3. He now wants south superstar Rajinikanth to work alongside him in the film. That would add some great star power to the flick, we agree. But why is Aamir not convinced that his own star power is enough to pull people into theatres? Why does he need Rajinikanth? Remember what happened when Shahrukh Khan got Rajini to do a cameo in RA.One? The south god was hardly seen in the film, and RA.One did not go down too well with audiences. We hope that doesn’t happen to Dhoom:3! If Aamir does get Rajinikanth to do the project, he should make sure to give him a substantial role. Otherwise, good luck to him for the film!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • eesha

    1st of all, aamir’s star power is enough to pull in whole india to the theatres.we cant wait to see talaash and dhoom 3.

    we are waiting and in fact i was a little angry at him when release date of talaash got changed. but because he is a sweetheart one cant be angry at him for long :)

    do you think because his star power is more than enough, he should do all roles in the movie himself? what are you? an idiot? you sure must be.

    heres the answer to your stupid question. they want rajini because aamir cant do all the roles in the film. got it? next time, dont ask stupid questions on the internet when you wonder about things. just use your brain. you might find the answer yourself

    • aadi

      Hi eesha… It seems u r a biig fan of aamir like me. Infact u spoke ma words, i wish amir best of luck for his movies and for his life he really is a staaaaaar!

    • Manan

      In short Aamir us Aamir he never can be Rajnikath but Rajnikanth can be Aamir, that is why Aamir need Rajnikanth to be in Dhoom3, there is no second thought that Aamir is a better actor but Rajnikanth is better than Aamir.

  • Lion patel

    Aamir khan ‘the one $ only one after the MILLENIUM STAR SHRI AMITABH BACHHAN $ is himself a power of stars he does not believe in star power but has a respect for THE GREAT MAN SHRI RAJNIKANT SIR $ that is the reason Aamir sir wants him in the film. At all times he is much more better then than sharukh as
    he never says I’M THE KING but he never gets compared b’cause
    he is Aamir not garib begging to people tht i’m the king pls vote